In the ongoing evolution of Landlord and tenant law there have been many new Acts of Parliament and Statutory Instruments (secondary legislation). Everyone involved in leasehold block management will need to be aware of the legislation that relates specifically to this area of property management.


The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 is the first of the five main Acts of Parliament providing the framework for the rights of leaseholders under the terms of their leases:

  1. s18: (meaning of service charges and relevant costs);
  2. s19: (limitation of service charge costs and ‘reasonableness’);
  3. s20: (limitation of service charges: consultation and requirements);
  4. s20za: (consultation requirements: supplementary) deals with the power of the FTT to dispense with the above consultation requirement;
  5. s20c: (limitation of service charges; cost proceedings) has been expanded by preventing the freeholder from putting the costs of any legal proceedings through the service charges even of the lease allows it;
  6. s27a (liability to pay service charges: jurisdiction) deals with lessee applications to the FTT over the ‘reasonableness’ of service charges;
  7. s30a (rights of tenants with respect to insurance).

The next Act is that of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 and a short summary can be found here.


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