There was no tenant issue here as they have been single mothers with very young children and they have been an absolute pleasure. I can’t say the same for the landlord and the people who work for him. From inadequate ventilation (the fireplace and other methods of ventilation are blocked up) faulty electric appliances (the cooker kept shorting out), damp and mould, not to mention the appalling ‘repair’ job on the front door, he has resisted all attempts by the tenant to resolve them. Having spoken to him on previous occasions and been insulted in the process I knew I would have to keep on at him to even come and see the flat to discuss the problems.

He did finally have some repairs carried out after a great deal of badgering from me but when he came to the flat whilst myself and my partner were having a coffee with the tenant, he was his usual rude self. To make matters worse, whilst he and my partner were walking together off the premises and down the road (with me behind them), after my partner shut his car door and was walking away from the vehicle, he came at him from behind and brought him down to the ground! I tried to pull him off but couldn’t do it without the help from a couple of neighbours and a complete stranger. After the police attended and my partner filed an assault charge, some hours later, he retaliated by stating to the police he had been subjected to racial abuse! I remember thinking afterwards if he was a passionate about his rental properties as he was about his car, there would be absolutely no issues whatsoever!


All this did seem to pay off because we’ve received no further contact from the police. Not only that, but the current tenant appears to be very happy with the flat and we’ve had no cause for further involvement!


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