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Trees (and particularly their roots) need to be monitored and maintained when they are located within a distance that could affect a building because they can damage drains and undermine foundations by pressing on them. They are often found to be the cause or a significant contributing factor to ground movement i.e. subsidence. They also cause dessication by sucking moisture out of the soil (clay soils are particularly susceptible) during the dry months. This causes the soil to sink slightly and the property with it and when the soil swells again during the winter the property doesn’t necessarily go back up.  If it does, it doesn’t do it evenly, which can cause significant subsidence cracking. Some trees are much higher water-demand than others.

Felling trees in one go is not necessarily the best course of action. For mature trees is may be best to remove them in stages for example 40 – 50% of the crown (with the tree being left for 6 months to a year) then a further percentage until the tree is fully removed.

Other factors to consider are the potential issue of water that is not taken away from the tree resulting in it going somewhere else and what type of ground the tree is rooted in.

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