When the Housing Act 1988 first came into force, it implemented a minimum term of six months for Assured Tenancies. Under s21(recovery of possession on expiry of assured shorthold tenancy) it also created what is known as ‘accelerated possession’ where there is ‘no fault’ on the part of the landlord and ‘no fault’ on the tenant either.

Between January 1989 and February 1997, nearly all new private lettings (whether by a private landlord or a Registered Social Landlord) were classed as Assured Tenancies and only 2 months notice needed to be given by the landlord. The protections under the Rent Act 1977 were removed, controlled tenancies were converted into regulated tenancies, and rent controls were removed for property let after 1988. Unless any alternative agreement at the start of the tenancy were made then they automatically defaulted to an Assured Tenancy.

Under Schedule 8 of the same Act (grounds for possession of dwelling houses under an Assured Tenancy) landlords were also provided a number of grounds which they could use to evict the tenant if they had committed a breach of the tenancy agreement.


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