The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 came into force on 6 April 2012, and updated previous asbestos regulations because the European Commission believed that the UK had not fully implemented the EU Directive on exposure to asbestos (Directive 2009/148/EC).

So whilst landlords and agents must be aware of any asbestos containing materials within the common areas of blocks of flats, what remains the same is that if there is existing asbestos containing materials in good condition and not likely to be disturbed or damaged, they can be left in place. The ‘responsible person’ for asbestos management will ensure that regular monitoring is carried out and a register kept that contains where the asbestos is located, and it’s type and condition. The ‘responsible person’ will also ensure that regular risk assessments are carried out and anyone working on the premises will be protected.

Asbestos removal is required to be carried out by a licensed contractor as is all work with sprayed asbestos coatings and lagging and most work with asbestos insulation and asbestos insulating board (AIB).


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