The fees that managing agents can charge during the conveyancing process fall outside of the lease and are another form of administration charge. These charges act under a separate contract and are usually negotiated by the managing agent and the agent of the seller. They are chargeable to the purchaser, and cover the following areas:

  • Answering pre‐contract enquiries;
  • Approval and supply of Letter Licence for Alterations;
  • Certified copy of a Share Certificate/Membership Certificate;
  • Consent to sublet;
  • Deeds of covenant upon sale;
  • Ensuring consent is required/granted before sale;
  • Mortgage registration after a sale;
  • Registration of the assignment‐the change of lessee after a sale;
  • Remortgage Notice of Charge (including service charge & insurance information);
  • Remortgage Notice of Charge (receipting only);
  • Supply and/or administration of Deed of Covenant;
  • Supplying information packs (to answer leasehold enquiries)but with no statutory guidelines on what can be charged;
  • Transfer following sale (including issue of Share/Membership Certificate).

The agent is free to charge what they wish as there are no statutory guidelines but they should be reasonable.


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