Our block of flats was built in the 1930’s and whilst we have made many repairs to it there has been a crack in the main road which follows through our boundary wall, across our forecourt and up the center of the building. So when the council moved one of the bus stops from just up the road on the opposite side of the road to directly opposite our block I took the opportunity to take photos of the crack at a deeper level before they repaired the road again.

I then drew it to the attention of the council but they were insistent that it was not causing any problems for us. They also said that if they repaired that particular crack in the road, they would have to repair the one further down the road and this was not an option! I also took some photo’s to demonstrate how much heavy traffic our main road gets in case further down the line we have to prove that both the cracks and the traffic are the main contributors to any subsidence.


Further information on subsidence and its causes can be read here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).


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