Under s90 (acquisition date) the RTM Company takes control of the management functions that should have been directly exercised by the former freeholder with  s96 of the Act (management functions under leases) those functions are described as ‘functions with respect to services, repairs, maintenance, improvements, insurance and management.’

What functions these are will depend on the type of the buidling but will usually include:

  1. Repairs, redecorations and the seasonal maintenance of the common parts;
  2. Services to the common parts such as lighting, cleaning, and grounds maintenance;
  3. Cyclical and seasonal maintenance of the structure of the building;
  4. Maintenance of plant and facilities, lifts, central heating, boilers etc.;
  5. Building improvements (if the lease includes them);
  6. The provision of caretaking and porterage, warden services in the retirement sector etc.;
  7. Arranging buildings insurance;
  8. The levying and collection of service charges;
  9. Service charge accounting;
  10. Compliance with all statutory requirements relating to the management and fabric of the building;
  11. Day-to-day management of the building
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