Having external lighting installed was carried out in tandem alongside the works to the roof and water tanks as the existing wiring and the few lights that had been installed in the dim and distant past were in a right mess, with exposed wiring on stairwells and bits of foil dishes dotted around the place. There was some light coming from the main road at the front of the building but the stairwell was very dark and gloomy and at the rear of the block it was virtually pitch black. A tenant actually broke both ankles on the front stairwell and we constantly had to deal with the drunken behaviour and drug taking of some of the (then) tenants and their friends under the cover of darkness.

We couldn’t afford to get every single light the building needed at this stage but we did get installed as many as we could at the time. We were so pleased when a number of residents said how much safer they felt, including the family speaking for an elderly and unwell tenant who lived on the ground floor where it was darkest.


Motion Sensor Floodlight

After a considerable amount of time without any vandalism problems, one of the tenants on the ground floor caught someone trying to break into his flat via the bathroom window. So, although we never had to consider it before, we had a motion sensor installed in this area to deter repeat actions, which it has.

We have had our lighting system replaced after it started to deteriorate and photo’s will be added to this at some point.


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