With two front gates installed, the difference in people’s attitude to the property was an absolute study in human behaviour. We have a bus stop immediately in front of the block but we’d never actually had gates before so our forecourt was completely open to everyone, as if it was an extension of the pavement! We had young adults on mobile phones, young adults peering into windows whilst on mobile phones and little children at risk of injury by running hell for leather up and down the concrete stairs because their mothers were too pre-occupied on (you’ve guessed it) their mobile phones to even notice!

We’d also had to chuck people off the forecourt for urinating on it!.

Little or no trouble of that kind since installation though although we’re constantly removing cigarette butts, crisp packets and cans, and the occasional dodgy individual hiding on our front stairwell!

Side Gate

This was a more recent addition to the security measures made to the block and it was because we caught some people wandering in off the street and strolling down the side. When challenged they were downright aggressive so we decided to nip this in the bud rather then run the same risks as before as we had no wish to be assaulted again!




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