Leaseholder landlords are responsible for the upkeep of their rented flats (as are owner-occupiers) so they must be gas safe, electrically safe and smoke and carbon monxide safe

When leaseholder landlords and freeholders don’t abide by the lease covenants (promises) and the tenancy agreement, redress can come through the use of the Housing Act 2004, specifically that of the Housing Health and Safety Ratings System.

Although this legislation is primarily used for assessing the conditions of rented flats, it actually applies to all residential properties. We have used this legislation ourselves for both the common areas (when we had no freeholder) and for individual flats and with the latter, leaseholder landlords can be bound under it.

So, in essence, whilst there is plenty of legislation surrounding the common areas and flat interiors, they will not be of any help unless there is effective communication between all parties!


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