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Welcome to my website Leasehold Life. I’m Sharon Crossland AIRPM (Associate of the Institute of Residential Property Managers) and member of the NLA (National Landlords Association). I started this website as a simple diary to keep track of my efforts to repair my home.

I have a combined total of 14 years of working in the leasehold and PRS sectors (18 of our 22 flats are sublet) working closely with the block managing agent on behalf of the Directors of our freehold company. I also work with individual landlords, tenants and agents as well as  the local council on issues relating to housing standards and landlord licensing.

My story starts from here,  finishing with a restoration photo journal here.


In 2008, Hera Property Management Services were developing their services, taking their own experiences and adding advice from key people in the sector to which I was asked to contribute.

I have been a guest speaker in 2013 at the ARMA Conference (Association of Residential Managing Agents) with the content of my presentation being transcribed into an article published by Flat Living Magazine entitled ‘Lost In Translation’.

In 2015 I took part in a leasehold Q&A on Share Radio in with Michell Banks CEO of ARMA (at the time) and Tony Essien, Chief Executive of LEASE.

I have also submitted a number of comments to articles published on ‘Inside Housing’ which can be read here.


Suzanne Wickes: Managing Director at Hera Management Services

“Sharon’s in-depth knowledge of leasehold and in particular leaseholders’ requirements was invaluable when we were designing Hera’s services. Sharon provided us with a comprehensive article and information about what leaseholders wanted from a managing agent (based on feedback to her site) that has been used as a “blueprint” for our services to which we always refer back. I would highly recommend Sharon and would work with her again at any opportunity”.

Bob Smytherman: Chairman of the Federation Of Private Residents Association

“Sharon works tirelessly in the interests of leaseholders and RTM Directors providing good, sound practical advice about the RTM process and the responsibilities faced by those becoming Directors. Sharon’s web-site Leasehold Life provides essential reading for anyone interested in the leasehold sector and is always very happy to add contributions from the FPRA for which we are most grateful “.


Chris Alexander: Solicitor at SA Law

“Leasehold Life is a fantastic resource for those living in leasehold property. Sharon does a great job in running the website and providing useful assistance for leaseholders”.



David Whitney: Solicitor at Painsmith Solicitors

“Sharon provides an excellent and unique website for those seeking advice in relation to long residential leasehold matters supplemented by her own considerable knowledge and expertise”.



James Cooke: Director of Your Home Property Management

“I have known Sharon for several months now primarily through her web site and her lively and informative Twitter account. In the time I have known Sharon I have found her to be extremely knowledgeable and informed on housing and property matters, and generally positive, hard working, responsive, and enthusiastic. Sharon is committed to improving the lot of residents of all tenures and for that she should be commended”.

Katie Cohen: Partner at Child & Child Solicitors

“I first came across Leasehold Life through the Enfranchisement Group on linkedin and made contact with Sharon with a view to JPC Law contributing enfranchisement related articles to the site. I was impressed by Sharon from the start. Her passion for leaseholder’s rights was unrivalled and the content of her site is both interesting and informative” .


Engage Liverpool

“Brilliant site by Sharon Crossland that is the best leaseholder-driven site on the web. A wealth of information and advice”.

Roger Southam: Non-Executive Chairman at Lease Advisory Service

“Sharon has lived through adversity in flatland and has turned it into a positive experience by helping others and sharing guidance and advice“.


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